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Rogue Shiba Inu Dog Stuffed Plush Animal Display Prop

Rogue Shiba Inu Dog

  • Handmade in Italy by Piture
  • Approximate Size: 15.7 inches (diagonally)
  • May be ordered in other colors
  • Shipping is included within the continental United States

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Rogue, the Plush Stuffed Shiba Inu Dog will be the perfect addition to your event, venue, school, office or even home! 

     Our animal props are used for staging homes for sale, creating themed weddings, conventions and any event where a real 'wow factor' is needed.  The lifelike, large, realistic animals are used in museums, as props in theatres in movies, commercials and in other productions all over the world.

     Photography studio props - Interior design - Staging for home rental or sale - Non-taxidermy props - Commercial, television, movies, theatre, stage, museum - Displays - Themed decor for weddings, parties, corporate events - Corporate gift ideas - Mascots for colleges, schools and sports - Luxury gifts for friends, family and You - You Deserve the Very Best!

Welcome to the Piutrè Animal Collection, the finest  collection of realistic plush animals in the world. Originally designed in Italy by master toy artisan Riccardo Chiavetta, the animals in the Piutrè Collection faithfully replicate their real-life counterparts in form, coloring, dimensions, and expression. Each piece is sewn, shaped, and finished entirely by hand in Italy, using the finest European-made materials, resulting in a beautiful keepsake animal to treasure for a lifetime.

     A Legend Reborn . . . These astonishingly realistic animals are hand-made in Italy using the original patterns and models created by Riccardo Chiavetta in the late 1970s and early 1980s for Jockline, an Italian firm that came to be known the world over for its highly realistic—often life-size—plush renditions of dogs, cats, and other animals. Many of the Jockline animals were marketed in the United States under the Avanti trade name, though in later years Wallace Berrie Company, Inc., shifted production of some of the Jockline-designed animals to Korea. Jockline failed in 1991. The Italian-made Jockline animals from this era are highly prized by collectors.

     Today, in Italy, the family that made the original Jockline animals is doing so once again, with the same uncompromising artistry and craftsmanship. A highly skilled artist is responsible for each animal and personally sees each one—from the tiniest mouse to life-size polar bears—through all the exacting details of the production process. Only when an artist is completely satisfied that a Piutré animal has been superbly executed does he or she tag and package it—in essence, a gift to the individual who will ultimately touch and treasure it. This is your chance to acquire an irresistible treasure that’s destined to be enjoyed and appreciated for generations to come. Extraordinary. Exquisite.... and exclusively yours.

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